Rise is building a network of community-building enthusiasts who are excited about building their own finance clubs in their various localities. This is why we are partnering with individuals who are passionate about finance and engaging people to support in building and scaling out their local finance clubs.

The Goals of the program are:

For the Audience: This is an opportunity to join a local chapter of a finance club, which helps you learn about money and network with like-minded individuals.

For the Community Hosts: As a community host, you will learn to build a community of people who want to have a better relationship with money by engaging them using a range of virtual and physical strategies, such as content and events.

Meet The Host: Shofu

Meet The Rise Community Host: Shofu

Shofu is a communication and design enthusiast with a medical biochemistry background from the University of Benin.
Fascinated by human behaviour and how people interact with media, designs, content, and others, Shofu is passionate about building communities across Africa, one city at a time.

He is building Buj Seeders, a Rise-supported finance community in Abuja that creates a thriving learning space dedicated to empowering your financial future.

Join Buj Seeders by filling out this form – http://bit.ly/bujseeders

Meet The Host: Pamilerin

Meet The Rise Community Host: Pamilerin

Pamilerin is highly passionate about financial literacy, and this translates into her love for educating young adults about personal finance, investing, and building sustainable wealth.

She is currently building the MoneyMindset Tribe, a Rise-supported finance community in Ibadan that aims to create a platform dedicated to empowering young adults with the right knowledge towards personal finance and wealth building.

Join the MoneyMindset Tribe by clicking this link https://t.me/+1MDqBfcVggI1ZDQ0

Meet The Host: Shammah

Meet The Rise Community Host: Shammah

Shammah has engaged the financial system on many levels, including the stock market, forex trading, crypto trading. He is a creative writer and digital marketer, learning and writing about the financial system.

He just launched Fin Ed for Rockstars, a Rise-supported finance community based in Abuja, which is dedicated to learning about the financial system and how to build wealth within it.

Join Fin Ed for Rockstars here: https://bit.ly/FinEdRockstarsReg

Meet The Host: David

Meet The Host: David

David isn’t your typical stuffy finance guy. Forget boring spreadsheets and snoozy lectures.

He is a finance enthusiast  on a mission to crack the code and show you how to make your money work for you (legally, of course!).  His journey began with a thirst for knowledge, a desire to learn so much about the principles behind investing, finance and money. 

, a community powered by Rise, is your one-stop shop for growth and development. It’s a safe space where you can learn, unlearn, share experiences, and explode your financial knowledge – all alongside a supportive community.

Tribe welcomes everyone, no matter where you are in the world. It’s a place for expression, excitement, and financial freedom. But if you’re in the city of Port Harcourt, I guess you might enjoy all the perks of our physical hangouts!

Join Tribe here:  [https://bit.ly/Tribe_Community]

Meet The Host: Loveth

Meet The Host: Loveth

Loveth Ejumegu is a digital entrepreneur and financial literacy enthusiast who is passionate about helping people acquire bankable online skills.

With three years of experience in the online space, Loveth Ejumegu has developed a unique perspective and skill set that combines teaching and helping others who do not know how to navigate online.

If you’re in Abuja and interested in joining FinCreed Club, a Rise-supported finance community, please click the link below.

Join FinCreed Club here: